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Martech, Customer Experience Platforms (CXPs) and Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), What exactly will fit your needs? Looking for answers...
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With numerous business solutions around, more than 1000+ solutions vying for this space which until recently has been largely un-organized. For the first time, Gartner in 2018, brought out DXPs report. Read more here: Gartner 2018 DXP ReportThe sector is growing at very high speed and by 2020 it is poised to cross $20 bn.

If you are one of the organizations looking to find answers on DXPs for multichannel digital experiences, keep reading. There are usually 3 category of products serving the unique business needs.

  • MarTech: Marketing technology stacks are group of tools targeted at marketer specific requirements mostly automation such as emails and SMSs based on triggers identified by the marketers suitable for their business domains. Cost wise they let you choose from what you want vs. what you don’t want to pay for. Very flexible but at the cost of creating too many silos. It’s not really harmonious playing with so many tools.
  •  Customer Experience Plateforms(CXPs): The customer experience platforms are targeted at personalized customer experiences and the capability to create content which  can be published over multiple channels. The platforms are mostly proprietary and brings their own set of toolings which may be able to integrate with enterprise line of business applications using connectors and plug-in. One of the leader in this segment is Sitecore for many years. The Sitecore platform is quite opne in the sense as a business you can customize any aspect of this platform to suit your business needs. We have implemented many solutions on Sitecore and observed over the years it has stablized and matured multifold. The dimension of Sitecore that makes it more interesting is that Sitecore provides tons of modules for their platform mostly free but a few which are paid as they provide a set of features which do not form part of of Sitecore’s core offering.
  • Digital Experience Platforms(DXPs): Digital Experience Platform differs in nature from both of the above category in the sense that they target your employees,  customers, operations and provide you insights as to how to improve your products or services based on the data collected. The DXPs are the least recognized of the all the 3 categories as MarTech still rules the small and medium class market, CXPs are more dominant in Medium and Enterprise class customers and DXPs are yet to become mature and simple enough to be adopted by businesses.

Gartner defines a digital experience platform as an integrated software framework for engaging a broad array of audiences across a broad array of digital touchpoints. Organizations use DXPs to build, deploy and continually improve websites, portals, mobile apps and other digital experiences.”


Empower your employees

Employees need to be empowered to do their best work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. At a recent partner conference that I attended in Australia, I saw numerous partners connecting with each other and sharing demos of innovative solutions online, offline, from Surface devices, and even right from their mobile phones without any loss of that “wow” factor. One mobile demo led to a strategic partnership that will help me measure business impact through marketing more effectively. This all derived from the empowerment that technology has given myself, our partners, and our customers to work seamlessly from anywhere on any device.

I challenge you to think about how you can empower your customers with the technology you use every day to focus more on business growth and spend fewer hours on less valuable business operations. Keep in mind that with this new ability to access information from anywhere, protecting your data, wherever it goes, also becomes a priority.
Engage your customers
Customers are expecting new levels of connections with the businesses they partner with and purchase from. In this digital age, customers are experiencing deep personalization and interactive marketing(Marketing Automations), as well as enjoying the ability to connect with businesses easier than ever before. With constant connection and personalized interactions, you can build loyal, profitable customer-relationships. By automating these processes you can further boost your sales and service teams’ productivity.
Optimize your operations
Optimizing your business process often starts with your IT infrastructure. Once you’ve divvied up what information you can store where, you can greatly reduce the cost and complexity of IT management with new resources like the cloud. With data backup and recovery, you can be back online in minutes without losing the time and effort you had put into your work. Finally, you can reduce risk, with easier compliance, if you choose solutions which prioritize safeguarding your business.
Transform your product
If you innovate with agility, and are open to the consistent changes we see in today’s business landscape, you will be able to adapt quickly to changing business needs. For example, with new data analytics services, you can turn your data into a business asset.
Data protection and security is tied to all four pillars and is critical to reinforce, and sometimes lead with, when having a customer conversation around these messages. This is all about making sure that your data is protected everywhere on all devices, that efficient and effective data backup and recovery solutions can bring you back online in minutes, and risk is mitigated with easier compliance services and solutions.

At Experiom (India) Pvt. Ltd., we have helped business implement some of the key CXPs and DXPs such as Sitecore CXP and Adobe Marketing Cloud. The first move the digital transformation must be very well crafted with help of experience partners with quantifiable end goal in mind for various phases of implementations. Done right, as a business you are bound to experience numerous tangible and intangible benefits. Please feel free to drop us an enquiry.

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