Our Story

Founded in 2011, Experiom built its reputation as behind-the-scenes implementor of many of the most popular CMS systems on the market. Sitecore XP, Sitecore Commerce, open source Umbraco and Adobe AEM make up our core competencies.

Since 2011, led by our highly experienced founders hailing from CMS backgrounds, we have regularly introduced new innovation in the high-speed implementation of critically-acclaimed web applications powered by Sitecore XP, Sitecore Commerce, Umbraco and AEM, under the umbrella of Experiom and our portfolio includes applications run by top-notch clients in their specific domain such as health care and leisure.

We are dedicated to create a customized user experience and believe that each visitor needs to be identified and serve relevant content driven by personalization to promote high degree of engagement leading to higher conversions. Not only we craft the products focused on target audience but also we observe and honor how individuals choose to interact with our applications.

Our customers guide everything we do at Experiom , and it’s this commitment that defines the company.

Success of our customer is our benchmark of success!

Strong expertise from our CMS experts, engagement engineers, employees, community and connections, contribute to a high rate of product innovations, brand recognition and ongoing momentum. Combined, these expertise channels helps nourish the connection between Experiom and its customers as our customer base increases. And because we invest wholeheartedly in training our employees on latest and greatest of the technology stack and personalized communications experience, we champion the customer as the hero through every stage of innovation and support!

Dedicated to Delivery of Innovations!

Focusing on application design with performance, endurance, craftsmanship, and intuitive tools and interfaces, ensures an elegant experience in a beautiful, minimalist package. Experiom contributes a variety of innovations that includes widget-ed, repository based content to provide leading edge unified experience across various CMS systems that turns the applications into highly immersive data driven personalized experiences. And we make Information architecture and presentation architecture of the applications a priority — we integrate best technology and tools because it’s not just the final products that you receive matters, but also the quality of the product. We recognize that, for our customers, a web application isn’t just another web application but a critical system to run and manage the business and its prospects.

Empowering the Most Personal Experience!

Discovering the best ways to integrate state-of-the-art technologies with effortless user experiences has always been, and will always be, our passion. New products simply improve and enhance these experiences. And when our customers share their personal experiences with our products, they speak with passion and conviction. That’s why we encourage, embrace and celebrate users sharing their perspectives. The strength of the Experiom lies in its adaptability and flexibility to change! We insist on seeing through the eyes of our customers, because doing so teaches, challenges and prods us to get better at what we do — empowering our customers through personal experience.

Leadership to Success!

Experiom is committed to ensure success using innovative technology with human insight to create personal experiences that enrich people’s lives. With a history of creating high quality products and great experiences for customers worldwide, Experiom has setup 5 commandants:

Partner With Us!

We are constantly looking for like-minded businesses who would like to join hands with us for mutual benefits. Please connect with us if you feel, our skills and expertise are a fit for the project that you just received in your pipeline. 

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